The Cubbi Pod: designed for style and efficiency

Our self-service Cubbi Pods keep meals fresh and safe. Choose from the Cubbi Lite, made for smaller spaces, or the Cubbi Pro if you want secure and discreet pick-up.

The Cubbi Lite

Our compact mini fridge is designed to fit into smaller spaces. All
the same features in an easy-to-access fridge.

The Cubbi Pro

Our patented smart fridge, controlled using the Cubbi app.
Choose from glossy white, smooth grey or matte black.

Cubbi Pro features

Modern and space efficient

19” depth and one-third the size of a vending machine, the Cubbi Pro is designed to fit into any modern space.

Advanced cooling system

Temperatures in each compartment are individually controlled allowing for energy savings, humidity preservation and no mixing of odours.

Keep your order safe and secure

Make sure a snack, lunch, or dinner is never misplaced again. The Pro is controlled via the mobile app and automatically assigns individual meals to an available Cubbi.

Wi-Fi and LTE enabled

Choose from two sources of communication technology: Wi-Fi or LTE connectivity.

Cubbi cloud network

Our team will monitor temperature, pick ups, and connectivity to make sure the Pro functions as it should.

Cubbi Lite technical specifications

Cubbi Pro technical specifications

Enhance your employee's benefit package

Gain a competitive edge in employee benefits with Cubbi's workplace food services.