Meet the
Cubbi Pod

Bold. Smart. Purposeful. The Cubbi Pod was designed for style and efficiency.

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Built with safety in mind

Prevent cross contamination with airtight and sealed compartments. Prioritizing health and hygiene for all our customers.

Advanced cooling system

Temperatures in each compartment are individually controlled allowing for energy savings, humidity preservation and no mixing of odours.

A grey Cubbi Pod, opened and facing right, showing beverages inside.

Wi-Fi or LTE connectivity

Choose from two sources of communication technology:
Wi-Fi or LTE connectivity.

A white Cubbi pod, opened and facing left. showing takeout containers inside.

Cubbi patented technology

Cubbi's smart fridge patent is easily controlled via your mobile device and automatically assigns meals to an available Cubbi.

Modern and space efficient

19” depth and one-third the size of a vending machine, the Cubbi fridge is designed to fit into any modern space.

Cubbi Cloud

Cloud monitoring and troubleshooting for all Cubbi Pods. Our team will monitor temperature, pickups, connectivity to make sure our Pod meets the highest standards.

A black closed Cubbi Pod facing left.

Easy to set up and connect

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