Boost employee productivity, engagement and retention

Cubbi is an innovative platform designed to make in-house food services accessible, affordable, and easy to provide for all businesses.

Cubbi connects your office to the best local restaurants to provide daily delivery of meals

Up to 50% off restaurant-quality meals

No tipping or automatic gratuity

Free daily deliveries from your own dedicated driver

Select multiple restaurants in one order

Markets we serve

Our goal is to bring Cubbi's workplace meal solution to every bustling
business district and corporate hub in Canada.
Stay tuned as we expand into 5+ cities in the next 18 months.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Calgary, Alberta

Our vision

Our vision is to make food services a viable employee benefit for businesses of all sizes.

Our mission

Our mission is to simplify the process for businesses to offer convenient, affordable, high-quality food services to their employees.

Our values


At Cubbi, honesty is more than a policy; it's our culture. 
We believe in straightforward, transparent interactions with our clients and partners. From our clear pricing with no hidden fees to our open lines of communication, we aim to foster trust. Honesty ensures that we're accountable, both to our customers and to ourselves, reinforcing the integrity that stands as the foundation of our brand.

Customer focus

Placing our customers at the centre means consistently anticipating and exceeding their needs. It involves active listening, understanding their challenges, and striving for solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. Our customer-focused approach is about building lasting relationships by delivering value and demonstrating a commitment to their success.

Attention to details

In a service where every ingredient counts, so does every detail. At Cubbi, meticulous attention to detail is not the exception; it's the rule. Whether it's ensuring the nutritional balance of the meals we offer, streamlining our ordering process, or guaranteeing timely delivery, we understand that excellence lies in the nuances.

Winning spirit

Embracing a winning spirit means cultivating a positive and determined mindset. It involves approaching challenges with resilience, learning from our setbacks, and celebrating successes, both big and small. This value encourages us to strive for continuous improvement, fostering a culture of achievement and success.


Teamwork makes the dream work, especially in a dynamic environment like ours. Cubbi thrives on collaboration both internally and externally. Internally, our cross-functional teams work seamlessly to optimize every aspect of our service. Externally, we collaborate closely with local restaurants and businesses to curate a diverse and satisfying food experience. Collaboration allows us to create a holistic service that benefits all stakeholders.


In a fast-paced world, standing still is falling behind. Cubbi is committed to innovation to continually elevate the workplace food experience. From our initial concept of refrigerated storage lockers to our sophisticated meal delivery system, we have consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible. We invest in technology and creative solutions to solve complex problems, always aiming to be pioneers in our industry.

Our team

Dawson Norrish

Founder + CEO

Carter Norrish

Founder + Business Development Lead

Kale Smith


Naina Nicodemus

Marketing Manager, B2B

Alexandra Michailides

Director of Partnerships

Teryn Bristow

Business Development Representative

Brett Newton

General Manager, Saskatoon

Arno Roll

General Manager, Calgary

Maria Obispo

Director of Customer Success

Rafael Pavlovic

Director of Product

Daylon Ball

Director of Technology

Lucas Gigliozzi

Backend Development Lead

Usama Baig

Senior Software Engineer

Dexter Gordon-Dirks

Frontend Developer

Justyn Pollard

Frontend Developer

Liam Iverson

Head of Engineering

Lewis Dyson

Lifecycle Marketing Manager, B2C

Alexander Hines

Senior Product Designer

Our history

Cubbi was founded on the University of Saskatchewan campus in 2019 by Dawson Norrish, who wanted to re-invent the traditional fridge. As a young entrepreneur, Dawson noticed every workplace had a residential fridge but nothing designed for the office.


Founded at University of Saskatchewan Co.Labs Tech Incubator


Growth and refinement process


Founding journey


Saskatoon market saturation


Expanded to Calgary, Alberta


Expand into new & exciting markets!
"Due to cost constraints, small and medium-sized businesses are largely non-participants in today's food service market, representing 46.4% of the total workforce.

Cubbi is on a mission to make food services accessible for businesses of all sizes and unlock SMB demand, a vision that has the potential to double the global corporate lunch market."

Our kitchen partners

At the heart of Cubbi's diverse menu is our network of local kitchen partners. Our partners are carefully selected for their commitment to quality, passion for unique flavours, and dedication to sustainable practices. We pool city-level demand to drive down prices with our partners—meaning great prices for our customers. All of this is possible due to our great relationships with our kitchen network.

By partnering with these local heroes, we not only bring a world of tastes directly to your workplace but also support the local food scene and economy.

The Cubbi solution

Cubbi's self-service fridge

Keep your meals safe, fresh and easily accessible with a Cubbi Pod in your workplace.

Free daily deliveries

Wave goodbye to delivery fees. Cubbi delivers daily free of charge.

No tipping or auto gratuity

Unlike other food delivery services, there is no tipping or auto gratuities on catering and regular deliveries.

Intuitive mobile app

Order meals, schedule deliveries, and manage your food benefits—all at your fingertips.
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Up to 50% off restaurant meals

Eating at work shouldn't break the bank. We offer affordable and nutritious meals to your business.
Our menu is a curated selection of culinary delights designed to cater to diverse tastes and dietary needs.
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The fastest and most affordable way to implement a food service

Our approach ensures no food wastage. Plus, once a contract is signed, we can set up a Cubbi Fridge and start delivering meals within a week to locations like Calgary & Saskatoon.