About Cubbi

Here at Cubbi, our goal is to create workplaces of the future. We believe we can make the future of the office better than it was yesterday.

Cubbi was founded on the University of Saskatchewan campus in 2019 by Dawson Norrish, who wanted to re-invent the traditional fridge. As a young entrepreneur, Dawson noticed every workplace had a residential fridge but nothing designed for the office.

As the pandemic changed the design and re-working of traditional office spaces, it allowed Cubbi to re-design a fridge suited for any workplace. With the realization that it is the biggest piece of infrastructure that connects us to our diets.

With back-to-back meetings, shift work, food deserts, and inadequate access to healthy or affordable food options, the issues surrounding food at work kept rising.

A upper view of three take out containers with food. Vegetables, quesadillas, salad and meat.

We asked ourselves if we collect orders in bulk, provide those to kitchens, and have them make orders during their downtime, how does this serve both parties? Kitchens made additional revenue during their downtime, and we can drive down prices for our customers with bulk orders.

Cubbi looked into how people receive food and the logistics of operating kitchens.

Cubbi saw this as an opportunity to provide a solution to healthy eating in the workplace while re-designing the fridge.

A hand holding a phone with the Cubbi App on screen. The screen says open.

The Cubbi fridge serves as a contactless pickup location with secure mini compartments.

Our service is a food delivery platform that connects ghost kitchens and restaurants to businesses via our pickup pod. Creating a food services amenity in office 2.0. Benefits of providing this service include increased energy and productivity in the workplace.

But our care for our community is what fuels us. We are passionate about what we do and go above and beyond for our customers. We are confident in our ability to add value and convenience to your life.

A hand holding a phone with the Cubbi App screen being displayed.
A young woman stands beside a Cubbi Pod, holding the fridge door, taking out her food.
Top view of four plates of food. Pasta, meat, vegetables and salad.

We're building a service we believe in — as well as a strong, diverse, and innovative team of people that support each other in the process.

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