An effortless
culinary experience

A food delivery platform that connects ghost kitchens and restaurants to businesses everywhere. Give your team access to fresh, delicious, and affordable meals. An employee perk they will love!

How it works

Bold. Smart. Purposeful.

Meet the Cubbi Pod. A space and energy-efficient fridge
designed to fit into any workspace.

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Why choose Cubbi

An employee perk

Attract and retain employees into a physical workspace with a new health and wellness benefit.

Crave-worthy meals

Nutrient-rich meals, fresh salads and healthy snacks to fuel your employee’s workday.

Exclusive meal pricing

We aggregate food demand for the entire city to achieve economies of scale and drive down prices.

Digital first

The Cubbi app streamlines the food ordering and pickup process. Seamlessly browse through, order, and open your Cubbi with our app.

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