The food service platform for
a modern workplace

Accessible, affordable, and high-quality food services that can be implemented in 7 days or less.
Currently available in Saskatoon and Calgary.

What is Cubbi?

Cubbi solves the challenges businesses face when trying to offer food services, such as managing catering, handling unique orders from various restaurants, and administering subsidies.

Mobile app

Manage your in-house food program through our user-friendly app. Order meals, schedule deliveries, and access employee food benefits—all at your fingertips.

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Food pod

Cubbi's self-service fridge keeps your meals safe, fresh, and easily accessibly in your workplace.

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Kitchen partners

We support and partner with the best local restaurants to bring you the best food for the best prices.

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Our menu

We offer a diverse range of nutritious options for up to 50% off restaurant prices. Every order can have as many unique restaurants as requested.

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Cubbi benefits

Attract and retain top talent

Culinary perks are the most delicious way to boost morale and retention.

Boost your benefits and perks

Elevate your company's benefits package with healthier, satisfying, and affordable lunches.

Increase collaboration and productivity

We fuel team success. Shared meals are proven to enhance collaboration and productivity.

Cubbi for your workplace

Transform everyday office lunches and catering into engaging experiences

Select multiple restaurants in one order

No tipping or automatic gratuity

Up to 50% off restaurant-quality meals

Free daily deliveries from your own dedicated driver

“Since partnering with Cubbi, the customer service has been fantastic, and they have wonderful meal options. You can order sushi, salads, and more. It is reasonably priced, and the food is just delicious. The option to provide meal credits encourages our team to come back to the office.”
Roseanne Lepage, DIBM
Manager, Office and Distribution Services
Concentra/EQ Bank

"Cubbi's daily delivery to our door is innovative and convenient for our lawyers and staff. Cubbi is a cost-effective benefit for our employees and the firm and much appreciated by our employees."

Karryn Mysyk,
Human Resources Manager

McLeod Law LLP

"Since introducing Cubbi, we have received excited feedback from employees not only for convenience and price but for various healthy options. Thank you for helping us bring a positive perk to our employees and contributing to maintaining a high employee morale!"

Vanessa Reay,
Director of Human Resources

Apex Distribution Inc.

" We have had Cubbi in our office for a few months now and are so happy with the service! We are located in downtown Saskatoon, and there are many food options available near us. However, the food available from Cubbi is a fraction of the cost and much healthier. I rarely pack a lunch anymore, as it’s more affordable for me to buy Cubbi lunches instead of grocery shopping."
Alayna Laprise ,
Admin Operations Lead & Reception
Uptown Orthodontics
"As a software company with staff in training and support roles that tie them to the phone, they can’t always run out at lunch. Resulting in many people spending a fortune on food delivery services. We are delighted to partner with Cubbi to offer our team healthy, locally sourced, and prepared food without all the extra fees!"
Amanda Gibson,
Executive Business Administrator
PBS Systems
“With Cubbi, every lunch feels like a treat! The app is user-friendly, intuitive, and makes the whole process of ordering and picking up my meal effortless. What truly sets them apart is their exceptional customer service and how affordable the meals are.”
Levi Kuta,
General Manager
Metal Alloy Fabrication Ltd.

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