The new workplace meal program

Entice employees and boost workplace culture. Offer a meal program without breaking the bank!

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How it works

1. Pod is installed 

The Cubbi Pod is easy to set up! Simply plug the Pod into a regular 110v outlet and it automatically connects to LTE.

2. Employees order with the Cubbi app

Browse through your favourite meals, drinks and snacks, make payments and manage order reminders.

3. We collect orders and distribute them in bulk to local businesses

We leverage food demand for the entire city to drive down prices with suppliers - meaning great prices for your staff!

4. Contactless food
drop off

Delivered by trusted Cubbi drivers, no interruptions or hand offs are needed to collect your meal. Orders are placed in a secure and refrigerated Cubbi.

5. Never miss an order

We’ll notify you when your order has been delivered. Manage your order reminders and updates in our app.

6. Pick up your order

Use the Cubbi app to open your Cubbi and access your order with one tap. Enjoy your fresh and delicious meal!

Partner with Cubbi

Crave-worthy meals for all! We carry nutrient-rich meals, fresh salads, hearty favourites and more.

An additional employee perk - attract and retain the best employees with a new health and wellness benefit.

An effortless culinary experience. Offer food services to your staff without complex operational logistics and overhead costs.

Sign up for a meal plan. Choose your favourite meals and delivery days and we will automate the ordering process for you.

Boost employee morale. Celebrate and reward employees with meal subsidies and gifting!

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